Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media sites. Whether you’re using the site to keep up with friends and family, or using Instagram to promote your business chances are you are on the site multiple times a day. If you’re promoting your business Instagram can be a perfect avenue to bring people into your business and understand the human side of it. Instagram allows you to show customers the day-to-day, the product, the people, and the uses of said product.

Why your business needs Instagram

Instagram and other social media sites have changed the way businesses advertise. Posting and curating a following on Instagram allows a business to:

Connect with a new demographic:

Instagram has a diverse and large group of users. There are an estimated 900+ million users and businesses can get in front of customers and people they couldn’t previously.

Engage with customers:

Before social media, the only way businesses could engage with customers was if a customer called the customer helpline. Now they can comment on a picture, add a story, and really engage with their client base through social media without the customer having to take the first step.

Build Brand awareness:

Instagram is ideal for getting your brand and brand image out there. A business can control the images/posts they are uploading and therefore they control the information. They are able to show the brand how they want to almost daily while engaging with potential customers.

How to sell on Instagram

Selling on Instagram can sound difficult. However, it’s far easier than you think. There are basically 8 easy steps to follow when trying to sell on Instagram. They are,

1) Find the right niche

You must know your audience and what they want. For example, if you’re selling renters insurance you don’t want your posts only in front of homeowners. There won’t be a market for your business.

2) Get an Instagram business profile

There are two options for a profile, personal and business. Make sure you use the business for the added features.

3) Set up an Instagram shop
Follow these steps to create your shop:
  1. Select settings and tap on CREATOR, from there click SET UP INSTAGRAM SHOPPING
  2. Connect your catalog or use a partner
  3. Enter your website (Instagram will verify)
  4. Set up your checkout option
  5. Choose sales channels
  6. Add products to at least one catalog
  7. Preview your shop to make sure it looks good
4) Create shoppable posts

This way users can buy your products straight from your posts.

5) Create regular posts as well

This shows potential clients it’s not “all about sales” your business still cares about other things than making money.

6) Get on the explore page

This can be difficult but be creative. Mix up post ideas with reels and pictures. Try asking customers questions and having them engage. Use hashtags when you can.

7) Try live shopping

Live shopping is a live interactive shopping experience available to Instagram shops in the U.S. This allows your business to sell directly through Instagram’s live broadcasts.

8) Use Instagram checkout

This allows customers to buy products they want without ever leaving the Instagram app.

Tips to sell on Instagram

The biggest tip to selling on Instagram is pretty much like any other marketing idea, know your audience. You have to know your target audience inside and out and ensure that you are giving them the product that they need.

Besides knowing your target audience really try to ensure a level of trust in the business. This could be making posts about employees or social events. Anything that tells a potential buyer “you can trust this company.”

Features you need to use

There are many features and tools to use to sell on Instagram a few of our favorites are:

Shop Social

Enables merchants to transform their feed into a shoppable gallery.


Another platform to set prices and allow for shoppable content.


A link that transports Instagram users from their profiles to a shoppable gallery of your products.


A “post” that works as a traditional “cart” online. You can share other media platforms.

Instagram for customer service

With the popularity of social media and the ability to immediately respond to customers, customer service has forever been changed. Most users understand that Instagram is great for marketing, creating brand awareness, and connecting with customers but recently more and more brands are starting to use Instagram for customer service.

Mention customer service account in bio

This can be small, simple, and straightforward. You want the customer to have the easiest time getting to your customer service.

Offer multiple direct contact options

Email, live chat, phone numbers, and business addresses are all important options for customers to be able to reach customer services. This allows for more consistent and streamlined service.

Use a separate Instagram for customer service

This makes it easy to respond to direct messages or complaints straight from the Instagram profile.

Reply to comments and direct messages

Customers love and appreciate two-way messaging.

Address negative feedback IMMEDIATELY

The last thing you want is negative feedback sitting on a post for potential clients to see without you addressing it.

Use Instagram stories for FAQ

Customers spend a considerable amount of time on short-lived content. This is a simple and easy way to answer questions and give customers an insight into how your company operates.

Monitor your mentions

Not all mentions will be positive, it’s important to address negative mentions immediately when they happen.

Stay proactive

This is important, your customers will always be changing, and it’s important your business changes with them. Try asking them for feedback or to partake in surveys to understand their changing needs.