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What We Do

We empower talents and brands growth through ecommerce and education. We build, acquire, and scale aspiring DTC (Direct to Consumer) brands, and through our program, we educate our students on the right methods in building a successful ecommerce business, enabling them to harness the abundance this industry has to offer.


Our Approach

Combining Tradition and Technology. In the ecommerce world where it’s all about tech, data and constant innovation, lest we forget, the true reason for our existence. The ‘WHY’ behind our brands, the community our brands aspire to serve, and what we stand for. We are here to humanize ecommerce, to continue the life-long journey with you – our customers, students, and clients.


Our Mission

Uplifting people and economies through ecommerce, becoming the nexus where talents and aspiring brands come to grow and thrive.


Passionate About Growth

A curious and inquisitive bunch armed with the passion for weaving magical wonders, we are a team of creative thinkers, dreamers, and doers who enjoy the challenge of growing successful DTC brands in the ever exciting ecommerce space.

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Our Brands

EGROWTHIFY NEXUS is home to aspiring D2C brands, ranging from lingerie to health supplements. Being passionate about ecommerce, we treasure purpose-driven brands that stand for a cause, brands that connect with consumers on a more emotional level. We strive to create a fertile platform that when a brand comes onboard EGROWTHIFY NEXUS, it will be nurtured and continue to grow to its true potential, passionately serving its customers.
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Our Services

Want your ecommerce business to have greater reach? You’ve come to the right place. At EGROWTHIFY NEXUS, We develop high performance online ads to provide you with the most efficient strategies for the highest ROI. We develop calculated, systematic, methodical approach of split-testing old against new ideas and ensure that strategies are executed based on the highest standard of industry practice.

Our Programs

Want to get started and be on your way towards ecommerce success? Check out our events and programs, where we share valuable insights and actionable steps about ecommerce. From Shopify store setup to conversion metrics – running Google and Social Media ads the right way.  Being a real-time practitioner of ecommerce, we have created a clear and concise program to ensure that you get started in ecommerce the right way and being ready for the business growth that will eventually come your way. Welcome to a world of abundance!

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