You’re probably overflowing with great ideas and next steps for your business, but do you know which one to tackle first? Market research can help identify the best ideas from your most recent brainstorming session. You can use a range of online market research tools to track patterns, identify trends, and gauge what products are most likely to succeed. Learn about the 8 best product and market research tools so you can get to work.

1. Google Trends

Google is the biggest name in web analytics and marketing data. Google Trends offers a simple, streamlined way to learn what search terms are most popular. You can browse what’s currently hot for general inspiration, or go in-depth. Google Trends allows you to search by region, over specific times, and more.

2. Amazon

As one of the world’s largest retailers, Amazon holds a wealth of consumer data. Check out several useful Amazon tools to learn about popular products.

  • Amazon Best Sellers lists the overall most popular items in every category. Use this page to learn about the industry standards that your target audience already loves.
  • Amazon Hot New Releases are the most popular new products. If you have a fresh product idea, these items will be your newest competitors.
  • Amazon Movers And Shakers are products that show the biggest sales bump in the past 24 hours. Expect to find suddenly trending products here.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest has more to offer than just visual stimulation. Use the Pinterest Trends page to see what’s hot on this social platform. You can easily identify cyclical, seasonal trends as well as brand-new ideas.

4. AliExpress

AliExpress is another worldwide mega-retailer. Discover the most popular products on AliExpress using their Hot Products page. This resource includes information about current sales and coupons, giving you free insight into what products AliExpress is trying to move. You can also explore the most popular items in almost 30 categories for in-depth niche research.

5. Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is designed just for ecommerce shop owners. This site lists popular products but gives info that sellers need, not buyers. You can browse trending products and immediately see product cost, suggested selling price, profit margins, and more. Don’t miss Ecomhunt if you’re looking for products to source and sell.

6. eBay

The Internet auction site eBay is full of both new and pre-owned items. Use Ebay’s Trending Deals page to learn what’s most popular on the site at any given time. You can use this information whether you want to sell directly on eBay, or if you’ll be offering items somewhere else.

7. Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting takes a different approach to market research. This site examines the current trends and delivers a carefully curated selection of stories, articles, and products to explore. Bookmark this site if you’re targeting an edgy, artsy, or aesthetic-focused audience.

8. Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is another publication that takes a more thoughtful approach to the market. Using AI-powered insights, Trend Hunter helps you explore cutting-edge ideas, insights, topics, places, events, products, people, and brands. They also offer annual trend reports so you can prepare for the coming year.

Dig into your market. Market research is a vital part of building your brand. You need to know what’s current, on the horizon, and out of date if you want to stay current. Egrowthify Nexus can help you uncover the best way to grow your ecommerce business. Explore these 8 market and product research tools, then check out our other resources to keep learning.